Quake Pro League - Half-Time Chat - cnz

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   EE Kirrill "cnz" Golubjov  
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  QPL: WEEK 1 vs RU baSe, WEEK 2 vs PL Av3k, WEEK 3 vs IT vengeurR



Hello cnz, can you please introduce yourself and tell us more about your history in Quake?  


Hi everyone, my name is Kirill and I’m quake champions player.

First time I tried quake 3 arena in 2001. In that time I acquired basic skills. I dont remember for sure how long I have played but something like 1 year.

Then I have heard about Quake Live and started to play in 2011 till 2014.

And now I play QC from the start. 


You managed to get to Quake Pro League thru Challengers, how tough it was for you to get tru and do you like changes that were made for season 2?


I’m happy that I managed to get in QPL, because this goal was important for me.

I think yes, changes are good for challengers. Now u do not need to stay concentrated every saturday, thinking about loosing points or something like that. All you need is to take top2 one time and then to be prepared to play Finals.


Do you think new system is also more fair for QPL players as they face each other rather than in case of Swiss system that tend to repeat games few times during 10 weeks of Stage 1?


New system gives opportunity not only to top4 players, I mean everyone will have same chances in Finals.


You were at some LANs already and have that experience, was Lucca somehow different of special for you? 


I like Lans. Lucca was not speacial as event, however I can not say the same words about game versus Spartie.


How special was duel agianst Spart1e for you, because of some history between your two or because it was make or break match?

NOTE: cnz vs spart1e @ LUCCA


This game was special because of joining or leaving QPL.


You won over baSe and added another 8 points against Av3k, now your opponent is vengeurR - are you happy with your performance so far?

Do you have any special preparation from player to player?

vengeurR stopped you in Lucca, any mental notes you made there to beat the kid?

NOTE: cnz vs baSe, cnz vs Av3k


I’m satisfied with my prefomance, but there are many work to improve. There is no something speacial in preparation, just need to know opponent’s style of play and be prepared to resist it.

Vengeur played well and did less mistakes than me.


If I check your champions picks, you seems prety versatile, do you have any special approach on picking champions, which on eis your favourite now-a-days? 


Of course every top player has his own strategy on picking and baning champions. Every player is individual and you have to know his weaknesses and strengths.


Talking about styles, how would you describe your style and approach to Quake Champions?


My game style depends on mood. If I feel good I can hit more than usual and play more aggressive. Otherwise I choose more passive and defensive style.


If there are few skills you can borrow out of other players, what and from who, you would like to have them?


Rapha’s game feeling is amazing, especially timings.


Are there any other players from Estonian community we will hear of in near future?


I dont know any Estonian duel player in QC


I saw you casting Challengers with Xron, how do you like it, and do you see it as a part of your parctise?

NOTE: Xron & CNZ Challengers Stream


Casting with Xron was good practise, I liked that. I would like to try it again sometime.


Thank you for your time, and have fun in next weeks of Quake Pro League


Thank you for the interview.