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PL Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski
, US Justin "Effortless" Yergau, BR Fillipe "nosfa" Barbosa, HU Adrián "RAISY" Birgány 

Week 3 of Quake Pro League is just in front of us and there are no matches, you would like to miss. We are starting with high packed program on Sunday at 16:00 and jsou can tune it at

Alexander "baSe" Rybin RU -vs- BY Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky

11 12 51% 36% 31%   VISOR RUINS of SARNATH   NYX   26% 39% 41% 10 6
10 11 45% 40% 34%   RANGER   MOLTEN FALLS EISEN   20% 41% 40% 9 7
10 10 45% 42% 30%   BJ   AWOKEN   DOOM   36% 36% 39% 7 13

BaSe is back after week off, while cYpher played all weeks in Stage 2 so far - with one victory and one lost.

BaSe would love to make some "reparation" after Week 1 lost against our guest of Half-Time Chat EE cnz but his situation will be difficult, as cYpheR is lately quite on fire. Both players are facing each other first time in Quake Pro League and first map of this match will be Ruins of Sarnath that can be called domain of baSe as he played that Arena 12 times during course of QPL and won seven games on it. We are about to see VISOR vs NYX battle, that is traditional setup in QPL with 26 DUELS played. Just two of them was at Sarnath .. or better what left after terrible Doom of city. BaSe played 13 matches as Cybernetic Clone and won 7 of them.

Molten Falls is second map of this engagement and we will see RANGER and EISEN facing each other. cYpheR was practising this champion on his stream and he seems to be solid at Fortress of the Deep.

BJ became lately more popular and it will be pick of BaSe for Awoken. Belarusian player answered with DOOM, that is pure classic here.


Gaven "whaz" Sorenson US -vs- CA Cameron "GNiK" Touchette

9 8 32% 35% 28%   DOOM AWOKEN   RANGER   20% 35% 34% 8 11
10 8 25% 32% 25%   SORLAG   BLOOD RUN KEEL   0% 0% 0% 0 0
10 10 38% 31% 32%   NYX   MOLTEN FALLS   ANARKI   27% 38% 38% 12 12

Both whaz and GNiK lost theirs first game on Stage 2 of Quake Pro League, and whaz would like to start on adding some points to his name, while GNiK desperatley needs more point, as he is last on global Leaderboard with huge gap and even winning 2:1 will not allow him to leave that position.

Both players are facing each other for first time in QPL and they are about to start at Awoken with traditional picks, DOOM and RANGER.

Blood Run is kind of special pick for Americas Region, where we usually dont play this map and even more special is GNiK pick of KEEL. Sorlag is pretty good on this map and we are wondering how things unfold in this arena.

Whole match will be ended on Molten Falls where light champions will measure theirs strenghts. Anarki is kind of crazy here, as he can control whole level on rapid phase and Nyx can surprise from various angles and shadows.

Kyle "dramiS" Simard US -vs- US Tim "DaHanG" Forgarty

10 9 43% 39% 28%   SLASH RUINS of SARNATH   STROGG   21% 35% 36% 10 10
11 11 53% 38% 39%   RANGER   VALE of PNATH GALENA   23% 38% 42% 10 10
8 8 40% 39% 24%   DOOM   BLOOD COVENANT   VISOR   24% 39% 40% 8 8

Another newly formulated pair is dramiS and DaHanG - they only chance to play each other was at QuakeCon 2019 where DaHanG won 2:0 after close games at extremely volatile Vale of Pnath and more tactical battle on Ruins of Sarnath.

Both Maps are on schedule this Sunday as well, and finisher will be Blood Covenant.

Ruins of Sarnath will repeat presence of SLASH in hands of dramiS and DaHanG changing to STROGG for first map. Both Champs are members of Sliders Guild and we can expect some furious speed out of both players.

DaHanG decided to Totemise Vale of Pnath that he played already 21 times during course of QPL. dramiS picked golden standard of Quake, RANGER. The very same champion, that was used at QuakeCon to beat him.

Blood Covenant with taditional picks of DOOM and VISOR will be last map of this match. Both players were 3:3 on DM6 on Stage 1.


Johan "toxjq" Quick SE -vs- RU Anton "coollerz" Singov

9 10 43% 43% 20%   SLASH BLOOD COVENANT   GALENA   20% 36% 47% 9 11
8 8 45% 38% 25%   EISEN   AWOKEN BJ   28% 37% 40% 11 10
9 8 56% 41% 23%   SORLAG   BLOOD RUN   VISOR   30% 33% 50% 12 11

Toxjq vs coollerz go way back, they played at QuakeCon 2019 where close Awoken and ownage at Blood Run. Later they played at Stage 1 where Russian player dominated his Swedish opponent 3:0 in tremendous fashion.

We are going to start on Blood Covenant where coollerz repat his GALENA pick from Stage 1 and toxjq bet on speed and crazy winrate of SLASH.

Awoken will show us EISEN and BJ, that is lately favourite pick of Anton to Corrupted Keep.

Decider will be played on Blood Run, that is "home" of coollerz and he will face SORLAG with his VISOR.

Michael "dooi" Dewey US -vs- US Moses "psygib" Salas

9 8 51% 19% 29%   RANGER BLOOD COVENANT   NYX   21% 31% 32% 9 9
9 5 -- 35% 27%   BJ   CORRUPTED KEEP GALENA   26% 33% -- 9 10
8 8 50% 35% 31%   SCALE   MOLTEN FALLS   STROGG   31% 36% 45% 11 9

Dooi and psygib showed us absolutelly crazy game in LUCCA in Ro20 that ended up on Vlae of Pnath and you have to see that game we mentioned in our HALF-TIME CHAT! Now new set of maps is prepared for both players and we are looking forward to Blood Covenant, Corrupted Keep and Molten Falls.

We arestarting at Blood Covenant where RANGER and NYX played 3 times against each other with 3:0 in favour of Fathom Agent. What it alarming that psygib played DM6 seven times and lost 6 matches there. Remembering ultradefensive style of dooi, Iam bit worried about our Californian player.

Psygib seems to be comfortable on Corrupted Keep and GALENA is solid pick as well as BJ and our Champions faced each other already 8 times in this arena with BJ holding upper hand winning five times. Our fellow players actually switched champions from last engagement in LUCCA where psygib won.

Molten Falls will be craaaaazy ... SCALEBEARER actually WAS played at Molten Falls - and it was 15 times while 11 times it was summoned by br1ck at QuakeCon 2019 and TEN of those engagements were lost ... STROGG visited Molten Falls 10 times and psygib won in this Arena every time he picked this champion, and it was ALWAYS against nosfa.


Kirrill "cnz" Golubjov EE -vs- IT Marco "vengeurR" Ragusa

11 9 -- 34% 34%   BJ   CORRUPTED KEEP STROGG   29% 35% -- 8 7
15 21 43% 41% 21%   VISOR BLOOD RUN   NYX   20% 40% 41% 5 5
10 9 55% 43% 19%   EISEN   BLOOD COVENANT   SLASH   33% 37% 34% 7 9

cnz and vengeurR have meet at Lucca and we were following amazing match between both players on Awoken where vengeurR took map under his contorl after first half and absolutelly crazy Molten Falls with happy ending for Italian player. This is second engagement contain whole new set of maps and we hope to see another great match. 

This time we are going to see Corrupted Keep with BJ, that is more and more used in this small arena and STROGG, which seem pretty crazy pick, but we saw what DaHanG is able to doo with him.

VISOR and NYX will meet at Blood Run, and both champions are very popular on this map. VISOR can help with location of opponent and NYX with absolute freedom of movement thru central part of arena.

Decider of this match will be at Blood Covenant, where we can see EISEN, which seems as unusuall pick here, but it might be cool to have some Turret support againt extremely fast SLASH.

NOTE: We had both players in our HALF-TIME CHAT, and you can find them at CLANRING`s MEDIA PAGE.

Dmytro "Xron" Shakharuk UA -vs- DE Marcel "k1llsen" Paul

7 7 37% 37% 23%   NYX   BLOOD COVENANT SLASH   32% 43% 44% 11 10
9 9 52% 39% 34%   STROGG MOLTEN FALLS   RANGER   34% 42% 54% 10 11
9 8 46% 39% 26%   EISEN   AWOKEN   BJ   34% 44% 50% 10 12

Xron and k1llsen faced each other twice, first time at QuakeCon, where Xron won 2:1 and later on Week 4 of Stage 1 where he got wiped out by k1llsen and showed us secret to cover RA out of position.

We are expecting close game with NYX and SLASH at Blood Covenant. Xron selected NYX already 12 times during course of Quake Pro League and his record is 10:2. k1llsen played SLASH just three times, and won two matches with her.

Second map of this game will be Molten Falls, and Xron is basically living in that Arena, as he played it 16 times thru Quake Pro League. k1llsen selected it just 6 times. STROGG became more and more popular lately.

Greg "cha1n" Bouevitch CA -vs- US Shane "rapha" Hendrixson

8 5 42% 34% 23%   NYX   BLOOD COVENANT VISOR   27% 38% 42% 10 11
9 8 44% 36% 32%   EISEN VALE of PNATH   KEEL   35% 41% 50% 11 12
7 4 35% 39% 20%   CLUTCH   BLOOD RUN   SCALE   0% 0% 0% 0 0

Cha1n and rapha played twice against each other, firt time at QuakeCon with 2:0 victory for American player and on Stage 1, Week 9 where Canadian player managed to took points on Vale of Pnath.

We are starting this last match of Week 3 on Blood Covenant where rapha already won twice against cha1n. NYX and VISOR were deployed on DM6 13 times. NYX was victorious in 9 battles.

Surprise, surprise - Blood Run played for first time in QPL by rapha. We are also going to see CLUTCH, that won all 4 times it was picked to fight at ZTN. SCALEBEARER was selected six times to play here and he is on 50% winrate. 



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