Matches :: Week 02

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 Shane "rapha" Hendrixson,  Kyle "dramiS" Simard, IT Marco "vengeurR" Ragusa, RU Alexander "baSe" Rybin

Adrián "RAISY" Birgány HU -vs- UA Dmytro "Xron" Shakharuk
    16:00 CET
09:00 CST

7 12 55% 37% 45%   NYX   BLOOD COVENANT SLASH   20% 31% 41% 6 6
9 9 49% 38% 45%   DOOM VALE of PNATH   EISEN   30% 45% 45% 9 10
9 10 43% 38% 36%   STROGG   AWOKEN   RANGER   24% 39% 31% 9 7

RAISY and Xron already meet each other on first week of Stage 1 and RAISY manged to win 2:1, only map that was won by Ukrainian player was Vale of Pnath, that is second map in this game. RAISY destroyed Av3k cold blooded last week and Iam wondering, if he is prepared to continue this trend. Xron played first game against VengeurR, but even tho he tryed hard, he was not able to pick fist points in Stage 2.

We are starting at Blood Covenant, that RAISY played four times in Online stages with 2:2 score, the very same results for him emerged while playing as NYX. Xron player DM6 five times and lost 3 games in this arena. His SLASH seem solid, but he have equal performance with this champion winning and loosing 2 maps.

Awoken will be decider map and RAISY will maybe try to show coollerz that he can play STROGG in this Arena as well. Xron will try to answer with Ranger, that is pretty much at home at Awoken.

We can expect some heavy RAIL battles from RAISY as well as devastating amounts of Rocket Launcher damage from Hungarian player. Xron is well known for his map awarenes and using every corner to his advantage.

Greg "cha1n" Bouevitch CA -vs- US Justin "Effortless" Yergau
    17:00 CET
10:00 CST

10 8 47% 33% 32%   SORLAG   VALE of PNATH RANGER   37% 39% 41% 9 8
8 5 46% 37% 26%   VISOR BLOOD COVENANT   DOOM   15% 33% 43% 9 8
10 7 48% 37% 35%   BJ   AWOKEN   GALENA   30% 42% 45% 8 9

Effortless and cha1n never meet each other in Quake Pro League and we are expecting close DUEL between both players. Cha1n is well known for his patient gameplay as well as switching to calculated aggression.

Effortles lost his last game against DaHang, but he stand solid on Blood Covenant that is second map of this match. While cha1n lost his only apperance as VISOR, Effortless used DOOM already 5 times in QPL and his Hellwalking score is 2:3.

Vale of Pnath will start whole match with SORLAG and RANGER in front row. Pure Statistics are leaning towards RANGER, he won most fights against SORLAG and also overall performances on Vale sounds better for Slipgate Marine. One thing to consider is fact, that cha1n played this map 7 times with 4:3 record in online parts of QPL, while Effortless visited it just three times loosing majority of games in narrow slimy corridor with excentric teleporter.

Match will be decided on Awoken. Effortless will be playing Awoken for eight time and it will be loaded for cha1n for third time. Cha1n will use BJ for first time in Online stages of QPL.

Michael "dooi" Dewey US -vs- CA Cameron "GNiK" Touchette
    18:00 CET
11:00 CST

0 0 0% 0% 0%   NYX BLOOD COVENANT   VISOR   0% 0% 0% 0 0
7 5 41% 38% 44%   RANGER   MOLTEN FALLS EISEN   0% 0% 0% 0 0
0 0 -- 0% 0%   DK   CORRUPTED KEEP   STROGG   0% 0% -- 0 0

GNiK and dooi wil repeat their traditional battles in AMERICAS CHALLENGERS, where they faced four times with 3 W towards Canadian player. GNiK proclaime himself as aggresive played and dooi is master of defensive and passive games that can be decided in one skirmish. To add more preassure to GNiK, he  will play his first official game in QPL. Because dooi lost his first game against rapha, both players have chance to earh first points.

We are going to open match at Blood Covenant, with traditional duel NYX vs VISOR. NYX was played 16 times on DM6 and she is holding 9:7 score here, VISOR entered Blood Covenant 13 times and won 7 of those engagements. We saw crazy stuff from dooi on this map both in Lucca and also in his first game against rapha where one of deciding factors was better coverage of major items from dooi`s old time buddy.

Molten Falls is second Arena and hypermobility of RANGER would be faced against Turrets of Eisen. GNiK is well known member of "TSEB - The Society of Eisen Bug" and I encouradge to watch this with double attention! We hope to see some suitable defence from dooi against obvious disadvantage GNiK TSEB put on table to learn how to deal with this infamous canadian tactics.

Guys will unleash hell on Corrupted Keep and add some more heat with DK and STROGG to already warm clima of this Arena. GNiK managed to steal Keep from DaHanG in Lucca and small ground plan of Arena does not left you much space to play #ExtremeDefence.

   Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski PL -vs- EE Kirrill "cnz" Golubjov
    19:00 CET
12:00 CST

7 10 -- 37% 23%   EISEN CORRUPTED KEEP   GALENA   30% 36% -- 6 11
10 9 39% 41% 31%   VISOR   MOLTEN FALLS SORLAG   9% 31% 44% 11 15
9 11 42% 34% 24%   STROGG   AWOKEN   DOOM   23% 39% 39% 7 12

This will be first official Quake Pro League matchup for Av3k and cnz. While Av3k was destroyed by RAISY on Week 1, cnz entered Quake Pro League in high fashion beating baSe in close battle. Av3k showed great performance in Lucca and also his game againt RAISY was not that "tragic." Cnz might be worthy opponent for Polish player and Iam looking forward to entertaining battle.

Av3k`s stats are pretty solid in all arenas and he hold equal winrate with VISOR, he never played official game with STROGG and he is trailing with EISEN with 4 of 6 maps lost with this champion.

We haveno official records in Online part of Quake Pro League for Estonian player, so please note that percentages shown are based uppon one or two games on each map, he played in Lucca. We saw that cnz can perform great in both LAN and Online games, and we have high hopes for this young shooter. His SORLAG was prooven great in Lucca, and we can imagine advanatage of DOOM at Awoken. Galena is one of "golden standards" on Corrupted Keep with 11 games played in this arena.

Fillipe "nosfa" Barbosa BR -vs- US Moses "psygib" Salas 
    20:00 CET
13:00 CST

10 9 53% 41% 27%   RANGER   AWOKEN DOOM   26% 31% 39% 11 11
8 8 44% 38% 24%   GALENA BLOOD COVENANT   VISOR   22% 33% 43% 9 9
11 7 41% 39% 28%   BJ   MOLTEN FALLS   STROGG   33% 40% 45% 11 10

Both nosfa and psygib lost their games 1:2 on Week 1 of Stage 2 and they added 4 points each to their Global Leaderboard. Both players showed good games and I expect another crazy game. Nosfa and psygib played twice in Stage 1 and wirst duel ended up 3:0 for nosfa, while Moses returned the favour by same result on last week of first online part. Last battle was fought in Ro12 in Lucca and it ended up in favour of psygib in überclose decider on Molten Falls.

Awoken will be replay of Stage 1, Week 10 game with very same champions, RANGER and DOOM - that encounter was strongly in favor of psygib and we hope that nosfa learned his lesson. Blood Covenant was played twice in guys history and both playerer are trying new champions, GALENA and VISOR. GALENA was played 2 time at DM6 and she won both games. VISOR call DM6 his homeground with 13 games played here.

Molten Falls as decider is symbolic as nosfa have again reasons to put all his strenghts to this game, because way how Lucca ended is not the one anybody would like to repeat. BJ and STROGG will be used as champions and both are more than suitable to deal some severe damage to his opponent. 

Marcel "k1llsen" Paul DE -vs- SE Johan "toxjq" Quick
    21:00 CET
14:00 CST

12 10 51% 40% 32%   NYX BLOOD RUN   GALENA   20% 40% 63% 9 11
11 8 47% 40% 30%   DOOM   AWOKEN STROGG   24% 37% 48% 9 8
12 9 51% 43% 34%   ATHENA   BLOOD COVENANT   VISOR   25% 45% 39% 8 9

Toxjq and k1llsen did not have chance to face each other in Quake Pro League yet, but we can expect crazy stuff out of both players. K1llsen looked really strong on his first match against cYpheR and toxjq had chance to watch and relax on Week 1. Performance of toxjq seems lately like on a rollercoaster, with his ups and downs. K1llsen will be strong opponent, but if toxjq managed to keep distance on Blood Run, he can put in use his RAIL that is #FuckingCrazy in this Arena. He is top averaging player with this gun on ZTN.

Awoken will welcome DOOM and STROGG and with toxjq background in Quake 4, we can expect some serious sliding put into good use. Complexity of map architecture means huge possibilities for Peek to join the battle, but double jump of DOOM is huge counterweight. K1llsen won 3 out of 5 DUELS in this arena and toxjq lost 4 out of 6 games here.

Last map will be Blood Covenant and it will be first time, we can see what k1llsen can do with his ATHENA. Her extreme mobility is great for closing both verticality of map and close long distances in agressive plays. Toxjq will try to defend himself with VISOR, that is well established in DM6.


   Anton "coollerz" Singov RU -vs- BY Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky
    22:00 CET
15:00 CST

11 10 34% 36% 21%   STROGG AWOKEN   NYX   0% 0% 0% 0 0
10 9 48% 36% 20%   BJ   BLOOD COVENANT VISOR   0% 0% 0% 0 0
9 11 33% 38% 23%   DOOM   BLOOD RUN   EISEN   16% 36% 45% 7 5

Both coollerz and cYpheR surprised wide audience by theirs performances in Lucca. Dont get me wrong, we all know about amazing skills they have, but cYpheR was not able to participate at QuakeCon and Anton was hoping for great resilt for ages. Coollerz was enjoying free week while cYpheR was sweating blood against k1llsen.

Expectations are high and we start this show at Awoken where coollerz returned to his legendary one hit wonder STROGG and cYpheR picked NYX which is also not that usual suspect you would see in this Arena. Her walljump might prove usefull tho. Both players continued theirs pick with "classic" maps.

Blood Covenant with VISOR and BJ looks like atractive combo to watch. Especially as BJ was played just once during Stage 1 in this Arena. We have to wait, for coollerz gameplan. Last map will be Blood Run and EISEN is quite a safe pick, even tho he lost 3 out of 4 matches on ZTN. DOOM seems like surprising pick, because he was never selected in this arena. Main reason being that DOOM is vastly used in other arenas, but his ability to transfer central room is more than cool and can create surprising angles in Blood Run.

Tim "DaHanG" Forgarty US -vs- US Gaven "whaz" Sorenson
    23:00 CET
16:00 CST

9 9 43% 35% 22%   VISOR BLOOD COVENANT   NYX   24% 32% 39% 8 10
11 10 42% 45% 24%   STROGG   MOLTEN FALLS BJ   35% 31% 41% 13 12
9 11 36% 35% 21%   RANGER   RUINS of SARNATH   SLASH   29% 32% 43% 11 9

DaHanG and whaz meet on Stage 1 at Week 8 and it ended up as clean 3:0 sweap with DaHanG smiling. This is going to be fist game in Stage 2 for whaz and I can imagine, he would like to up his experience after his lost in first round against baSe in Lucca.

Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath will be played for second time between those two players and whaz "stole" NYX from his opponent in order to show that he can play it too and return DaHanG ownage from last time. DaHanG answered with traditional Visor Pick which makes this 12th engagement of those champions in Online Stages of QPL. VISOR as well as NYX are cornerstones of Blood Covenant games as they were selected 14 and 13 times respectively.

DaHanG is well known for his STROGG and he decided to take him for a ride once more, this time on Molten Falls. DaHanG seems almost unbeadable with Strogg and his Peeker moves turned audience in Lucca wild. He is 5:1 winration with this champion. Whaz decided to answer with BJ that he played 3 times in Online part of Stage 1 but lost all games with him. We are eager to see how he defend his ground.

SLASH is whaz`s pick for wast spaces of Ruins of Sarnath, and DaHanG will try to traverse it with RANGER. Whaz played SLASH two times and both of those engagements were to his favour. DaHanG played 4 times with Ranger and he ballanced his performances on this Champion. Plasma Trail is cool, but we are lately witnessing Orb usage not only to cut the corners, but as an aggressive intermezzo for close and personal battles.

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