Quake Challengers League open for new challengers on Saturday, 7th of March and you can sign up at FACEIT.


In PL Katowice Stage 2 Relegation games, US Sib and SE Spart1e managed to get back to Quake Pro League as US Whaz and EE CNZ had to part ways with QPL. 

AU Zenaku joined Americas replacing CA GNiK and only player saving himself for Stage 3 and relegation was UA Xron defating LV bukster.

All members of Relegation Matches were defeated on Round 2 of Winners brackets and most succesfull in Lower Bracket crawling was UA Xron.

Xron pushed thru opponents till Semifinals, where his journey was ended by US Psygib that shut down US Sib in round 2. Sib managed to defeat BR Nosfa, but Psygib was too much to handle.

US dooi defeated SE Spart1e in Round 1 and AU Zenaku was burried in very same round by US dramiS.

Diabotical is about to hit Week 2 of BETA and this time players will be able to test theirs skills not only on already presented modes, but also in DUEL and BRAWL.

If you are new to Arena First Person Shooters, you can check movement guide and speedometer explanation to improve your learning curve by UK justnvc.

As players all around the world are quite hungry for Diabotical and hype is real, you will be able to join first competitions in DUELARENA and 3v3 WIPEOUT.

DUEL Competition are first qualifier to TimCon LAN, that just announced 5000 €uro tournament that will take place on 7th - 10th May in NL Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherland.

Qualification will be played as Bo3 using all three maps presented in trailer. So players will have time to practise for 2 days, before event starts.


Acoording to TheGD Studios, there is quite a hype around the game as sign-ups to closed beta exceeded all expectations, and we can see that not only several tournaments are already running, but also local meetings are organised, as Localhost Denver announced.

Rok se s rokem sešel a nastal tedy čas se opět sejít v naší oblíbené počítačové hře, postřílet pár starých přátel i nepřátel a ukázat tak mladším ročníkům co hráli jejich otcové v dávných dobách před tím než virtuální svět ovládly Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike a ostatní záležitosti o kterých slušný Quaker ani nemluví.

Klasicky se bude hrát  Q3A osp, FFA, mapa q3dm12, fraglimit 0, timelimit 60. Celá sranda vypukne na štědrý den od 22:00.


Ip adresu a heslo na server se dozvíte pár minut před desátou na našem Discordu a na naší facebook stránce. Vítáni jsou všichni :)

PS: Pokud jsou mezi vámi tací, kteří nemají Q3A (nebo ho nejsou schopni rozchodit), tak neváhejte přijít na discord a podělit se s námi o své trápení.

Pro takové případy je připravena ke stažení “portable” verze, kde najdete vše co je třeba. Při této příležitosti bych také zmínil že na steamu je Q3A ve vánoční slevě dostupný za necelých 5 €uro.